IconPress in Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Ripped of Over $12,000 by Icon Press, Icon Web Design

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Icon Website Design4700 W Prospect RdFort Lauderdale, FL 33309

6234 NW 102 WayParkland, FL 33376

We placed an order for an SEO packaged solution with Icon Website Design.It was a product that they told us was already developed, would needto be slightly customized for us and that we will see a mock-up ofwhat we ordered by the weeks end. We paid them $12,000 for thisproduct. After a week, there was nothing.They didn't have anything to show us and made up an excuse aboutneeding further clarification on something.We brushed it off and belived them until the next week. When again,there was nothing to show us.This went on for almost 4 weeks before we decided to dispute thecharges billed to the company credit card. Nothing was provided, noteven a mock-up, when we called our calls were always pushed off andwhen we did talk to someone, it was excuse after excuse.

After we filed a credit card dispute, Icon told us they would havesomething finished by the weeks end again. They wanted us to sign aform of some sort regarding the charge card, but knowing how theyoperate and still not having a finished product that I ordered weeksago, we didn't sign it.

It was clear they did not have the product they were pushing to sell.They took our money and then started development. They continuouslytook away from our in-house IT resources to help them try to completewhat they told us was already complete.We provided everything they asked for and more. The fact that theywere continuously trying to utilize our company staff should have beena negative sign in itself.

I can go on and on about the wrong doings and poor business practiceby which Icon is running.I have emails and documentation to prove all I say. I want the localBroward / Dade County community to be aware of what they maypotentially have to deal with if they purchase an SEO solution orsimilar from Icon. $12,000 is not pocket change by any means.

This is just a warning to all, "ask to see the actual fullyfunctional, working product FIRST", should you decide to use Icon fortheir services or software.

I do not condone, practice, recommend or otherwise promote businesslike this. This is my personal experiences and dealings shared by meto you regarding Icon Website Design.

Phone: 954-739-9788Fax: 954-733-8867

Mailing Address:Icon Press, Inc.6234 NW 102 WayParkland, FL 33376

Monetary Loss: $12000.

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